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MyFarm, Gambia

Date Donations
2011 $ 134.000

MyFarm - an educational journey from seed to business. MyFarm is a 0,9 hectare  orchard located in the Nema Kunku area in the Gambia. The aim is to provide an inspiring environment for over 3000 children and youth per year to learn about alternative farming practices they can apply at home, renewable energy principles, food processing and basic business concepts around farm produce. All activities are run on solar energy.

The educational principle is learning by playing and on a weekly basis 100-200 kids come and visit us as drop-ins or on a regular basis. MyFarm is visited by kids from the area, schooltrips, youth organizations, government and NGO’s day trips, week programs in various subjects related to business and education and women involved in gardening. The Erna and Knut Engs Children
Foundation is the main sponsor, responsible for the provision the land and solar watersystem,  a school/office building, a teachers house, a toilet block, foot paths, a vehicle and a “MyFarm on Wheels” truck.    

The “MyFarm on Wheels” is a re-build fire-truck that is going to visit schools in the country to showcase what is done at MyFarm including Learning by playing with iPads and Lego, using Solar Ovens to bake, Soap making, Micro gardening and introduction to business opportunities. The goal is to inspire schools / (villagers) to start some of those activities on their level and invite them for more training at MyFarm. The target with MyFarm on Wheels is to vist 2-3 schools/ communities per week during the season,  reaching 20-30,000 kids and youth per year.

Below are two images of the solar powered IT house and a school building.


Everybody is welcome to come and learn or have an inspirational visit at MyFarm. If you want to learn more about us, please look at:

In 2016 Erna and Knut Engs Children Foundation donated funding for Reading Labs in Gambia, Liberia and Sierra Lione. The Reading Lab will function as place to learn and educate through new technology. Each of the Reading Labs will benefit approximately 300 children during a week.


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